Why Syracuse, NY?

  • Great Mix of Commercial & Residential

    Allows us to grow our commercial market place while gaining consistent work from residential losses.

  • Competition

    The Syracuse/Up State New York market is fairly open and not saturated with disaster restoration and reconstruction companies.

  • Marketplace Growth

    Allows us access to new commercial account growth. We would be especially appealing for those companies operating throughout New York state.

  • Complete Regional Coverage

    This northern location will allow us to build-up our presence in the northern regions of New York with the ability to cover everything in between when needed.

  • Existing Business

    Many of our New York City clients own or manage businesses in other parts of the state. This location would give us better access to those clients and all of their locations.

  • Success In New York

    After only two years in the state of New York we have established ourselves as a major player in area restoration services.

Organization Chart

SERVPRO OF Syracuse - 0.5 Mitigation, 0.25 Construction

Fully-Managed Franchise - Organizational Salary Chart

Management & Experience

The Syracuse location will be a great fit for our management team because it will offer us the opportunity to work in a region that is in need of an experienced mitigation and construction team. We currently work in New York City and throughout New England on a consistent basis due to our relationship with clients across the region and are looking to expand our operations by improving our ability to respond to all clients with more efficiency.

Dion Luzzi will personally manage the Syracuse franchise to bring the business to fruition. Our sales team is experienced on the road and has successfully gained clientele in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and several other U.S. states and will help to train our new sales team members for success. This location will allow us the ability to build-up our equipment and train new team members all over the region to more effectively serve our clients.

This fully-managed franchise will employ enthusiastic team members, ideally, those who are familiar the Syracuse region, who will be trained by our experienced team members from New York and Rhode Island.

Quality Control Management

  • Workcenter

    We train all essential employees on the SERVPRO Workcenter Platform. Our team of experienced Workcenter users will be essential in training and supporting Workcenter for employees.

  • Drybook Mobile

    We train all essential employees on SERVPRO's Drybook Mobile Platform. Our team of experienced Drybook managers will be essential in training and supporting Drybook for new employees.

  • CCTV

    We will utilize Closed Caption Television to secure our office location and ensure accountability our employees.

  • Fleetsharp

    We will utilize Fleetsharp to monitor our crew and our vehicles at all times.

  • Office-Connect

    Our custom developed web-application allows employees in the field to send job site information in real-time, calculate job estimates instantly and more.

We utilize all these process currently in local, LLRT and storm responses.

Goals & Logistics

  • Goals

    • 2020 sell $750K-$1M in Mitigation & Construction
    • 2025 sell $5M-$7M in Mitigation & Construction
    • Maximize potential for sales in an open market.
    • Leverage our labor experience, sales experience, and existing equipment resources, to help train a new team in upstate New York.
    • Increase brand awareness in the upstate New York marketplace.

  • Logistics

    • Travel from New York City and Rhode Island to Syracuse is lengthy but manageable by plane or car.
    • We currently take adjuster referrals throughout New York. By receiving a license and recruiting local personal we will have a successful fifth license. Our LLRT will help train and grow this new market place and license.

Sales Overview

  • Residential Strategies

    • Residential SMR will focus on insurance agents, plumbers, builders, Adjusters and carriers. (Number of agents, plumbers, builders)
    • Aggressive online advertising for lead generation.
    • Expand existing relationships with PURE, NBIC, OBE, CHUBB, NATIONWIDE, HUB
    • Increase brand awareness in the southern Connecticut marketplace.

  • Commercial & Government Strategies

    CSMR: Work with area Schools, Adjusting firms, Healthcare, Municipalities, Property Managers, Industrial

    Builders Risk Broker: Eric
    Adjusting Firms: YORK, EAGLE
    Consultants: JS HELD, WAKLEE
    Carriers: NATIONWIDE, ACE

  • End of Year 2020


Team Overview

  • Production

    • Use existing personnel to manage, train and recruit qualified team members.
    • New hires will be brought onboard within 30 days.
    • We will use Strategic Cleaning, TradeSource and Catstaff as a temporary providers of crew technicians until we hire. We have been using these companies nationally for years.

  • Administration

    • Rhode Island & New York office personnel will manage, train and recruit qualified administrative team members.
    • New technician hires will be brought onboard within 30 days.
    • New Sales & Administrative Managers will be brought onboard within 30 days.

Advertising & Lead Generation

  • Google Ads

    • Our experienced marketing team will setup Google Ads for relevant keyword searches in the Syracuse area.
    • We will use an aggressive online ad spend to dominate the market for relative keywords & to generate leads.
    • Leverage our online advertising experience to empower our sales team with more qualified leads.

  • Newsletters & Social Media

    • We will research area businesses & contacts relative to our services and purchase email lists so we can add them to our weekly newsletters.
    • Newsletters provide mindful insight into the type of work we can provide and upcoming weather related events that may occur.
    • Use our social media platforms to promote our capabilities, share stories about our work and our talented techs out in the field, and provide interesting articles relative to our business.
    • Create back-of-mind brand awareness for SERVPRO by reaching clients on many different platforms.

Thank you for your consideration.